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Pallet Collection

Pallet Collection

Pallet Pick Up Service

Cross Country Carriers offer a high-quality pallet collection and delivery service, whether you’re based in Suffolk or further afield.

We aim to help at all times; whether you’re looking to deliver a large item via eBay, or you’ve got a B2B shipment across the country. Our pallet pick up team can be the perfect addition to your service.

As a FORS registered pallet distribution & haulage company, Cross Country Carriers uphold a high standard throughout our pallet collection and delivery processes. For our efforts, we have maintained a 4/5 rating or higher on review sites such as Yell and Google.

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Once you’ve filled in the form, we’ll call or email you with further details on how our process works. If you’re happy to go ahead and ask us to collect your pallet, we’ll arrange the best time for pallet collection thereon.

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    Common Pallet Collection FAQs

    Can I send half or quarter pallets?
    Yes you can. Cross Country Carriers offer pallet distribution services for packages of all sizes, including quarter pallets, half pallets and multi-pallet deliveries.

    How soon can you collect my palletised goods?
    Our team will look to collect the pallet as soon as possible, however the time of collection can vary. During initial discussions, we will look to arrange the correct time for you.

    Can you pick my pallet up from a residential property?
    Yes we can. We are often picking pallets up from people’s homes. Please see a recent blog article, outlining the process to a home delivery for more info.

    Am I allowed to send anything on a pallet?
    Not everything. However the majority of ambient deliveries are fine to palletise. We have previously written guidelines on Limited & Non-Hazardous Deliveries, please read through and let us know if you have any questions afterwards.

    My package is heavy. Do you have the means to load it onto your vehicle?
    Yes, our vehicles are fitted with Moffett forklifts, which allow us to load and unload packages on-site without worry. For more information about Moffett Deliveries, click this link for a list of benefits.