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At Cross Country Carriers, we manage and control a large general haulage fleet from our home in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Whether you’re looking for half-size or full-size pallet distribution across the UK, we’re here to assist you with your road haulage needs.

Bury St Edmunds-based general haulage company

Our general haulage team regularly move both finished goods and raw materials around with ever-improving efficiency. Working with teams in many business sectors, we understand the various requirements of many industries. In turn, these opportunities have been imperative to developing our expert customer service.

Our high-quality, high-efficiency telematics allow us to provide updates at every stage of your order’s journey. Our promises are backed up by a historic reputation for consistently high order fulfilment standards and exceeding customer expectations. A huge range of clients have told us so, both from within Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk and beyond.

Multiple pallet deliveries can be planned and loaded onto our Suffolk-based road haulage fleet at all times. This allows you to rest assured that your requirements will be met quickly and safely. Aside from exceptional circumstances, your order will always appear on time.

Eco-friendly Approach

We understand an Eco-Friendly approach is important, so operating our fleet in this way allows us to do our bit. Benefitting from extensive and loyal customer relationships, we demonstrate a unique ability to collaborate on deliveries.

We might share space on a vehicle, efficiently make use of backhauling or operate fully integrated heavy haulage fleets. Whatever collaborative solution is chosen, it allows a significant reduction in overhead which can be great for our carbon footprint. Furthermore, lower fleet and operating costs are passed through to customer quotes so it’s not just Mother Nature that benefits!


Our ethos is something that we stick by at all times; part of this ethos is the efficiency with which we vow to fulfil each order. With some road haulage companies, you might find their pallet distribution skills are based on one industry or they make excuses for lateness. From the second you pick up the phone and call, you’ll see that Cross Country Carriers have a different approach.

We are a company with a wide range of customers in a range of locations, from Suffolk and across the UK. We easily adapt to all situations and therefore, we regularly undertake;

  • Regular deliveries to supermarket RDCs,
  • Tail lift deliveries on vehicles of all sizes across the fleet, and
  • Deliveries to all major exhibition centres.

We have a wide variety of vehicles and they range from 3.5 tonne to 44 tonne in weight each, as well as the ability to provide our customers with the use of a Moffett forklift. We cater to all delivery types and, with a young fleet age, our performance and environmental impact is optimal.

Pallet Network Members

Cross Country Carriers are pallet network members, which on its own has many advantages. We receive customer orders direct from an online portal system which is used by pallet distribution companies throughout the UK.

Combining both resources and connections ensures that goods are delivered efficiently, leaving every customer to focus on growing and managing their business.

With industry leading customer satisfaction levels, Cross Country Carriers are the Pallet Collection and distribution partner of choice, working side-by-side with other network members.

As a general haulage company, ambient tautliner work accounts for a substantial part of the Cross Country Carriers business. As network members, it is our duty to provide the exceptional service required by our peers.

We are also accredited by many industry leading standards agencies. The Road Haulage Association and Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme have all seen Cross Country Carriers as an industry front-runner. These accolades have come for all of our areas of service; General Haulage & Pallet Delivery.

Find out how we can help you with your pallet distribution and general haulage needs. You can get in touch with us either using the contact page or by calling : 01284 810 739.

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