The story started in 1978 when Jon decided to go into transport and purchased a second hand van, a long wheel base transit which already had the name Cross Country Carriers emblazoned on the side.

The previous owner had decided that the early starts and long hours involved in the transport industry wasn’t for him and had ceased trading.

The early days saw Jon travelling the length & breadth of the UK. Van Melle Confectionary was an important customer at that time and their business helped set Jon on the way.

As the company progressed, the need for larger vehicles became ever more important, Jon took his HGV test and acquired his first proper truck. In those days the company was based at Stennetts property in Ingham.

The company has continued grow to the point that in 2009 Cross Country was approached by a pallet network who were looking to improve their coverage in Suffolk & East Anglia. It quickly became clear that the service & network coverage was far superior, so the decision to join the network was made & our depot has never stopped being part of a network since.

Over the years Cross Country has changed beyond all recognition, as the fleet has increased, So has the infrastructure here at Saxham.

Eight years ago the company established it’s first contract services with the supply of dedicated trucks to Howarth Timber Engineering.

Celebrating 45 years

General Manager, Ben Smith, had this to say at our recent 45 year celebrations:

“As well as our amazing Accounts, Customer services, Transport & Warehouse team based at saxham we also have our fantastic team of drivers that consists of General Haulage, including Howarth Timber and the pallet network, including the Night trunk drivers. Their commitment to providing exceptional transportation services has remained steadfast, and their dedication to meeting the needs of our customers has driven us to continually evolve and improve the business.

Over the years, Cross Country Carriers have undergone remarkable transformations. The staff, fleet and infrastructure at Saxham have grown, and we overhauled the company look and added a logo of the wolf, which is entwined with the history of Bury St Edmunds, including here at the rugby club. 

The dedication, camaraderie, and teamwork of all our staff through the years have been instrumental in the growth and success story of cross country carriers. This commitment to excellence has earned Cross Country Carriers its reputation within the industry and thanks to you the awards cabinet continues to grow.”

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