At Cross Country Carriers, we now have the ability to arrange for your pallets to be delivered by forklift mounted Moffett Trucks. This is where a forklift is carried on the back of a lorry, detached on-site and then reattached after unloading the goods.

Here are some benefits of using Moffett Forklift Deliveries

Health, Safety and Productivity

By removing the need for manual handling and lifting, the risk of injury is significantly reduced which leads to less employee sickness. In addition to this, productivity will be increased as using a forklift proves to be a lot faster than unloading by hand, It is a much more efficient way of delivering pallets.

Cost-Effective Labour and Forklift Hire

The driver of the lorry will also be the one operating the forklift which eliminates the need for using two separate employees for both jobs. As the forklift is mounted on the trailer, this also eliminates the need to hire another machine to transport the pallets once on site. By ensuring there is minimal overhang of the forklift, you can rest assured that the equipment follows trailer regulations.

Wide Range of Capabilities

Moffett forklifts are versatile and adaptable to any kind of weight or distance; they are reliable choices for a wide variety of different functions. No matter whether there are heavy pallets that need transporting or if a delivery has no offload facilities, using a forklift-mounted trucks gives us the ability to deliver anywhere within a site.

Reliable Delivery Across Any Surface

Not only can these forklifts deliver anywhere within a site, this includes across any uneven terrain. Customers can have peace of mind knowing that their pallet delivery is in safe hands, even if it has to travel on an unusual terrain. What would normally be considered as restricted ground can be tackled by a Moffett forklift.

Lightweight Yet Durable Design

Although these forklifts are relatively small and lightweight in design, they are incredibly strong and able to carry up to 1.75 tonnes. This is one of their main features that contributes to their versatility as they can be used for any kind of pallet delivery, to even the most remote sites and locations.

By using our forklift mounted trucks, we can offer our customers flexible delivery solutions every time. Contact us today for further information.

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