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Cross Country Carriers provide dedicated home pallet delivery solutions throughout the UK.

When delivering to residential homes, drivers are not insured to take the goods onto private property, so pallets are delivered kerbside.

Here is the complete process of a home delivery:

Before the Home Delivery

Before delivery, customers should check access to the delivery point they have chosen. If the customer believes that there are any potential obstructions, they should make their supplier aware at the point of order or us at point of booking in the delivery. Potential obstructions could include:

  • Narrow roads / Small lanes / Unlaid Tracks
  • Multiple parked cars and vehicles
  • Overhanging trees or branches

During the Home Delivery


Once the driver has checked that they have arrived at the correct address, the area will be quickly assessed so a safe delivery can be made. Due to their weight, large trucks will not be driven onto driveways as this could damage the surface – even if they are empty. The driver should park on the road and look for a drop-kerb or suitable low access point. Each delivery is different, so the assessment will be made based on the weight of the pallet and access to the delivery point.

Safe Delivery Point

The customer will be shown the delivery note in order to confirm that these are the goods that they are expecting to receive. After explaining that they are unable to deliver the pallet further than kerbside, the driver and the customer will discuss where it can be safely delivered. Once agreement has been reached, the driver will commence delivery; if they do not reach an agreement or the driver believes the delivery is unsafe, the driver will contact Cross Country Carriers.

Tail Lift

Before operating the tail lift (if fitted), the driver will ensure that no pedestrians, animals or vehicles are in the way of the immediate working area. After checking that it is safe to do so, the driver will then place the pallet on the tail lift and lower it to the ground before moving to the arranged delivery point.

Hand-Pallet Truck

The pallet is moved with a hand pallet truck which is operated and moved by the driver. The weight of the pallet and the condition of the delivery area will be assessed so the driver can move without causing injury or incident. It is important to note that hand pallet trucks cannot travel over:

  • Gravel – even the smallest pebble with prevent it from moving
  • Uneven or soft surfaces, including grass
  • Up or down steps

If the driver has to travel up or down slopes, they should always position themselves at the top side of the pallet. While the driver is carrying out the delivery, it is important that the customer should not try to offer any help. After depositing the pallet at the agreed point, the customer should check the goods and sign for the delivery – the goods are now the customer’s responsibility.

Larger / Heavier Deliveries

Regarding a large or heavy pallet for home delivery, the size and weight should be checked on arrival to the destination. Once arrived, the driver will assess the delivery area in regard to the weight of the pallet which includes how steep the path or access point is. The driver should not attempt to take a heavy or tall load down a steep slope with a hand-pallet truck. Other ground surface factors that will influence both the weight and where the driver can deliver the pallet are:

  • Whether it’s smooth or full of holes
  • If the surface is slippery
  • If it’s wet due to rainy weather

This is the general process of a home delivery, but if you require a more tailored service, you should contact us direct for more information.

Fork-Lift Truck Deliveries – Moffett Delivery

Cross Country Carriers can now arrange for your freight to be delivered by Moffett Truck. Our fork-lift mounted truck offers flexible delivery solutions as the fork-lift can be detached on-site, unload the goods and reattached when on the move again. This saves time on individual tasks as well as maintaining quality of products and keeping them secure.

It has excellent manoeuvrability and is able to work on rough ground, so can be used for deliveries in even the most remote sites and locations. Though lightweight in design, it is strong, reliable and can carry up to 1.75 tonnes. Moffett mounted articulated trucks have helped customers up and down the UK and could help with your next delivery.

Contact us now for further information.

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