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Fuel Surcharges

Fuel Surcharges

Cross Country Carriers have been forced into making a tough decision on adding a fuel surcharge when our fuel costs go above 117ppl; this will be at the rate of 0.5% per pence. This means, should the price go up to 119ppl, a 1% surcharge will be added to your invoice.

This will be reviewed every 2 weeks.

July 25th – August 7th 12% Fuel Surcharge

August 8th – August 21st 10% Fuel Surcharge

August 22nd – September 4th 10% Fuel Surcharge

September 5th – September 18th 10% Fuel Surcharge

September 19th – October 2nd 10% Fuel Surcharge

October 3rd – October 16th 10% Fuel Surcharge

October 17th – October 30th 12% Fuel Surcharge

October 31st – November 13th 12% Fuel Surcharge

November 14th – November 27th 12% Fuel Surcharge

November 28th – December 11th 12% Fuel Surcharge

With fluctuating fuel prices continuing, we must make the necessary changes to continue to support you as a business by keeping your freight moving.

If you have any questions about our fuel surcharges, please contact us.