Seeing a lorry is a daily occurrence on the British motorway, but can you tell the difference between rigid and articulated trucks?

These trucks may look similar but there are key differences between the two and depending on the type of haulage job you need, it’s important to choose the right vehicle.

So, what is the difference between rigid and articulated trucks? We’ve put together a helpful guide below:

What is a Rigid Truck?

A rigid truck is a lorry with a fixed chassis. Meaning, that the loading area and the cab, together make one structure. Varying from 7.5-tonne to 32-tonne, these vehicles can come in a range of sizes.

What Are the Advantages of a Rigid Lorry?

A rigid lorry is most commonly known for its flexibility, allowing it to weave in and out of city streets easily.

This is what makes rigid trucks perfect for build-up areas and ideal for delivering pallets to businesses that have limited access.

It’s also, why they are the go-to choice for short-haul trips.

A rigid truck offers efficiency and is easy to handle.

What is an Articulated Truck?

Articulated lorries have two main parts to the structure: a tractor unit, and the trailer (cab). The two parts are independent and only joined by a pivot joint; the joint lets the trailer move separately to the cab unit.

These lorries have also been referred to as semi-trailers.

What Are the Benefits of an Articulated Truck?

Known for their capacity and their ability to adapt to different types of cargo, an articulated truck is a popular choice for most hauliers. Their fuel efficiency isperfect for longer journeys and large shipments because of the spacious trailers.

Rigid Vs Articulated Trucks

No haulage job is the same and at Cross Country Carriers, we consider this when choosing which vehicle to deliver your goods on. It’s not just about speed, it’s ensuring your cargo gets there both safely and efficiently.

Here are the three main things, we consider when choosing:

  • Load Size and Type
  • Route and Distance
  • Delivery Environment

At Cross Country Carriers, our fleet of trucks is ready to deliver your goods and get them where they need to be.

Get in touch with our expert team who are ready to help you with your logistic requirements.

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