DVS Requirements

The Transport For London (TFL) recently announced changes to the Direct Vision Standard requirements in London. The new changes to the DVS requirements are geared towards improving the overall road safety for drivers.

They’re not due to come into effect until 28 October 2024, but it pays to get ahead of things while you can. Today, we’ll run through some of the most frequently asked questions on this topic, so you have a better understanding of what to expect and what’s needed from your business.

What are the new DVS requirements?

As per TFL, the new DVS requirements in London are as follows:

  • HGVs over 12 tonnes will need a three-star rating OR fit a Progressive Safe System to operate in Greater London

The DVS star rating system is designed to measure how much a driver can see directly through their cab windows. The higher the rating, the more vision a driver has, making the HGV safer.

This is an upgraded safety system from the previous Safe System Improvements. It will incorporate various new technologies aimed at doing the following:

  • Improving indirect vision for drivers
  • Warning vulnerable road users of intended manoeuvres

You can see a full breakdown of what’s included in the new Progressive Safe System requirements here.

What do the new DVS requirements mean for my business?

You must apply for an HGV safety permit to continue utilising your network or general haulage HGVs over 12 tonnes in the Greater London area. You will only be granted this permit if your vehicles meet the minimum DVS star rating. In the case of the new requirements, this is a three-star rating.

If your vehicle fails to meet this star rating, you require the Progressive Safe System to obtain your permit.

Failure to do either of these things before 28 October 2024 and you will be subjected to penalty fees while driving in London.

It’s important to note that the pre-registration period for HGV safety permits under the new requirements will open in June 2024. Make a note of this on your calendar as it’s when you can begin your application.

What is an HGV Safety Permit?

Simply put, an HGV Safety Permit is basically an indicator that your heavy-goods vehicle meets the minimum safety requirements. It is required by law for all HGVs over 12 tonnes operating in Greater London.

As mentioned above, to obtain the permit you must meet the minimum DVS star rating. Previously, this was one star, but with the new requirements next year, it will be three stars.

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