Bad Weather Affect UK Haulage

It may be cliché but the UK love to talk about the weather – and why not? It changes so often, but the fact that it’s so unpredictable means that UK HGV drivers need to be prepared for all types of conditions. It’s also a contributing factor to why your deliveries may be delayed.

So, why does bad weather affect your deliveries so much?

It Takes Longer to Load & Unload

If the weather is particularly bad, then it may take longer to load or unload your goods. Even using special equipment, such as a Moffett forklift, ensuring that we are moving the load safely and according to guidance is the priority.

Adverse weather can also affect Kerbside Deliveries.  Although we try to position the vehicle and unload as close as possible to the delivery address, this may prove difficult in severe weather conditions. We’ll always try our best though and your pallet will remain secure for you to unload and so it doesn’t get damaged.

Roads May Be Closed

Whether the entirety of the UK is experiencing extreme weather or it is just select remote  areas, in either of these situations, it may be safer to close certain roads. So, just because the weather may be mild and relatively normal where you are, a HGV driver may need to drive through storms, snow or wind just to get your goods to you.

If a particular road is partial to flooding, if something has been blown into the road, or affected by an accident, it means the local area may have closed this road. This unforeseen circumstance will mean extra time added to the delivery because they’ll need to ensure the diversion is acceptable for the type of vehicle they are (some roads are not accessible to HGV’s).

Extra Precautions Taken Due to Size of Vehicle

At Cross Country Carriers, we pride ourselves on ensuring your goods get there safely – and the journey is a major factor in this. However, we also pride ourselves on putting our employees’ well-being at the core of our business, so it’s vital that the journey is as safe as possible.

If a road is blocked, obstructed or the weather is severe in a particular area where they may have to stop or slow down, it all affects your estimated delivery time – but we guarantee your delivery is in safe hands.

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