Kerbside Delivery

Our Cross Country Carriers’ drivers are committed to delivering the best service to each and every customer. In order to for this to continue, we want to make sure that information we provide goes a long way to help our customers and our delivery points understand kerbside deliveries.

What Are Kerbside Deliveries?

Kerbside deliveries refer to when pallets are delivered to the nearest kerbside at the specified address. Our drivers or vehicles are not insured to take the goods onto private property, so kerbside deliveries are the only way to deliver to residential homes.

How Do Kerbside Deliveries Work?

Our drivers will position their vehicle as close as possible to the delivery address. Any pallets placed onto our system or that you have ordered will be unloaded safely from the vehicle and left in a safe spot on or at the kerb, keeping the pallet secure for you to unload.

Kerbside Deliveries from Cross Country Carriers

Working within health and safety guidelines (including social distancing) to ensure the safety of the driver, customer and the general public, our drivers are not able to assist you with transporting the items from kerbside to other locations.

Cross Country Carriers’ Guidelines for Kerbside Deliveries

For clarity, here are some guidelines for our kerbside deliveries, to make it easier to understand how we deliver.

  • When placing an order onto our system or ordering goods online for any delivery using pallets, please remember to make aware any problems a vehicle or driver may face when accessing the delivery point.
Cross Country Carriers' Guidelines for Kerbside Deliveries
  • Some issues may include:
    • Height, weight or width restrictions on roads
    • Steep gradients, uneven or loose surfaces
    • Low bridges, overhanging trees or cables
    • Time restrictions outside your property
    • General problems with a kerbside delivery
  • Please provide as many contact phone numbers in case of any problems locating the property or making the delivery. If the driver is unable to gain access to site, the delivery may be returned to the local depot where you will be required to make alternate arrangements for delivery potentially at a cost to you.
Please provide as many contact phone numbers.
  • Once delivered the delivery point, you will need to make sure there is sufficient help to move the products ordered as the driver will not be able to assist with this.
  • Kerbside deliveries are made using hand pallet trucks and can only deliver onto hard, level, smooth surfaces, such concrete or block paving. As mentioned above, we may be unable to deliver on steep hills, soft surfaces, gravel driveways or other unusual conditions. Always keep this in mind.
Kerbside deliveries are made using hand pallet trucks and can only deliver onto hard, level, smooth surfaces
  • Our drivers can stay on site for up to 10 minutes to ensure the delivery point are happy with the products they have received. If delivery notes are signed unchecked, all rights maybe waived, and any additional delivery costs will be charged.
  • Due to Covid-19, we are still making contactless and paperless deliveries, including signature capture; once delivered, we will take a picture of the location they have been placed and the driver will ask for a name to place on the POD.

By working together, we can ensure that every delivery is seamless and a positive experience. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, as well as following our procedures correctly to guarantee safe and efficient deliveries, so we hope we can collaborate to make your kerbside delivery as stress-free as possible.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please don’t hesitate in contacting us today.

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