Due to the demand in current years, the transport industry has found themselves with a shortage in qualified HGV drivers. However, the UK Government have just announced an extension in their funding which aims to train 4,000 HGV drivers.

The initial plan was first announced last year and wants to see three thousand trained through skill bootcamps and a further 1000 through the education budget (AEB). The funding will allow candidates, who are level 2 qualified, to get their first attempts at the HGV licence and medical costs covered. In addition to this, they’ll be able to upgrade from a category C licence to a C&E licence.

A category C licence enables the drivers to drive vehicles weighing between 3.5 tonnes – 32 tonnes. This licence covers what many would consider a standard lorry. However, a C&E licence allows drivers to operate a drawbar or articulated vehicle. It means, that those with this licence can drive large, good vehicles, including a double trailer which weights 750+kg.

The news of the extension will be met with a sigh of relief to logistic companies across the UK, as it means younger drivers can start their HGV career slightly earlier. It’s a well-paid stable career choice with demands showing no signs of slowing – giving those who wish to enter the industry security.

Recently, the BBC found that UK hiring has slowed and as the cost-of-living rises, job security is now more important than ever. A spokesperson from the department of Education commented “We want more adults to take advantage of these courses and get on the path to well-paid careers in the logistics sector, which is why we have extended our AEB offer for another year.” 2022 has proved to be one of the busiest years Cross County Carriers have had to date, and, as our growth continues, we want you to grow with us. Whether retail or medical supplies, HGV drivers are vital to ensure the country continues to run smoothly and efficiently.

Over the last year, Cross Country Carriers have developed more drivers than ever, starting from driving our vans and working themselves up to an articulated vehicle with us training them and putting them through their class 1 & 2 licence. Should you be looking for this exact career change, please get in touch; you do not have to have any previous experience in transport, just a keen attitude towards learning & development.

Cross Country Carriers have been a leading figure in the UK transport and Logistics landscape since 1978 with the help of our skilled drivers delivering and distributing pallet delivery safely and efficiently. If you need help with pallet distribution, get in touch today!

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