Palletways have introduced the new Palletways ID to the network to improve efficiency and data quality. After analysing operations within the logistics industry, improvements were suggested and thus, Palletways ID was created. It will be rolled out in the UK and across Palletways European hubs over the next 8 months.

What is Palletways ID & How Does It Work?

Palletways ID refers to the system of cameras, scanners and dimensioning tools fitted to a forklift truck (FLT). This technology stems from the operational need to capture and harness accurate data on individual pallets in real-time and on the go.

It delivers 4 key operational components into 1, all whilst the FLT operator is continuing with their warehouse duties. These 4 components are:

  1. Image Capturing – Takes photos of the pallets for records to confirm their condition and to provide traceability.
  2. Barcode Scanning – Ensuring the barcode is facing the front of the pallet, it can be scanned automatically without the need of manual scanning.
  3. Weight Measuring – With no need to place the pallet on a static scale, Palletways ID accurately records the weight of the pallet as soon as it is lifted on the FLT and moved from one location to the other.
  4. Dimension Measuring – At the same time as the weight is being measured, the pallet’s dimensions are also being recorded with no need to put it onto a cubing machine.

What Makes Palletways ID Different?

Palletways ID is world-first technology for the global logistics industry. There is no other system in the market that has the capability to take 4 key measurements simultaneously without disruption.

This is not simply a first for pallet networks, but a first for the whole logistics industry. This doesn’t just build on current technology, which involves stationary measurement tools such as cubing boxes and finger scanners. It effectively makes them obsolete.

Rob Gittins, Managing Director of Palletways UK

Archway scanning is similar but nowhere near as advanced. Only collecting 2 pieces of data – image capturing and barcode scanning – this technology is fixed at a static point. Whereas Palletways ID takes operational efficiency to the next level collecting 4 pieces of data on the move. As the world’s most sophisticated forklift truck-mounted sensor system, it is possible it will make manual pallet assessment obsolete.

Benefits of Palletways ID

  • Operational Efficiency – Moving pallets will be safer, more accurate and more efficient by creating a streamlined operation with improved weight and cube data.
  • Routing Foresight & Visibility – Greater data harvesting creates market-leading visibility down the entire supply chain; an accurate picture of what is being received will enable easier allocation, resourcing operations, and effective routing.
  • Health & Safety – Gathering information on weight and size of pallets will be able to highlight safety issues at the source, so incidents can be prevented and pallets can be transported safely on FLTs.

Palletways ID has resulted from 2 years’ research and developing including extensive testing within a warehouse environment. it will be rolled out to every operational hub in the Palletways network and will be fitted to 300 FLTs in total.

At Cross Country Carriers, we are excited for this development in the logistics industry and to see the improvements it will make to the supply chain. Contact us today to find out more information.

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