At Cross Country Carriers, we understand the importance of sustainability in the logistics industry, and we strive to reduce our carbon footprint wherever we can in our day-to-day operations.

As a continually growing concern, we wanted to explore to see what improvements can be made across the entire industry to increase sustainability and help our planet.

Steps Towards Sustainability in the Logistics Industry

Improved Packaging Materials

Unfortunately, the rise in online shopping over the last year has resulted in a shortage of one of the most recyclable packaging material – cardboard. This has brought up the possibility of using other alternative materials, such as other recycled packaging materials or reusable cartons that could be more durable and only need to be cleaned in order to be reused. Another option could be “reverse logistics”, encouraging customers to return packaging so it can be reused again when they receive another shipment.

Increased Shipment Consolidation

Consolidating shipments that are going to the same place not only saves on fuel and carbon emissions, but also on excess packaging materials. Examples of where this could be utilised is if a B2B distributor is sending multiple shipments to different recipients to one place. By using transportation software to identify consolidation opportunities and organise shipments in a better way, it can greatly improve sustainability.

Slower Delivery is More Sustainable

Next-day delivery and other guaranteed delivery options have been more desired during lockdown, however, these aren’t the most sustainable option. These instant delivery options use much more fossil fuels than slower logistics in order to try and get shipments there quicker. Slower logistics have a reduced environmental impact as sending shipments by road has a lower carbon footprint. Road haulage also has the option to deliver on foot more often when there are a number of shipments being delivered to the same local area.

Sustainability at Cross Country Carriers

Every step towards sustainability is a positive one and we are committed to a proactive approach in our everyday operations. We understand our consumers are becoming more conscious of our environmental impact and we always endeavour to be as efficient as we can.

If you are looking for a conscientious haulier who is always looking for new and improved ways of reducing its carbon footprint, then contact us today.

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