Even after some of the concerns many had regarding COVID-19 and the issues it could’ve brought, the freight industry has actually seen a significant rise in B2C pallet work. Of course, the pandemic did initially present some new challenges for the sector, but the recent statistics show positive changes that occurred too.

Why Was There an Increase in B2C Pallet Work?

In the first 9 months of 2020, the Association of Pallet Networks (APN) reported that there was a 37.7% increase in B2C volumes. In April and May 2020 alone, domestic pallet deliveries more than doubled compared to the 2019 figures.

But why did this increase so much? As firm lockdown restrictions were enforced, the high street was required to shut up shop for the unforeseeable future. With only supermarkets and essential shops left open, consumer buying habits shifted to online ordering.

COVID-19 completely changed the profile and demographics of ecommerce. High street shops had to move online, or they would go out of business. People on furlough or who lost their jobs started up new businesses online or used at-home deliveries for projects to keep them busy.

As user demand shifted so dramatically, networks had to quickly adapt to cater for B2C pallet work deliveries. Was this change temporary though or is this what buyer behaviours will continue to look like for the future?

Future of Consumer Buying Behaviours

Entering 2021 and now easing out of lockdown, online shopping is still popular due to it being an easier, more convenient option. Once the high street begins to reopen, there may be a slight dip in the statistics, but we are sure that ecommerce will still remain strong.

Pallet networks have proved to be high quality logistic solution providers that are essential for nationwide services. They supply a cost-effective and efficient way to deliver goods both domestically and commercially. Pallet networks have cemented their status in the freight industry as reliable and dedicated components in the UK economy.

Kerbside Deliveries from Cross Country Carriers

At Cross Country Carriers, we are proud to continue operating throughout the pandemic and adapting to each new announcement as well as new demand. Our kerbside deliveries have been designed to guarantee both safe and efficient deliveries during this time.

We want every delivery to be a stress-free and positive experience, and by working together with every customer, we can ensure that.

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