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"Cross Country Carriers Response to Coronavirus"

Covid-19 Update

As you are well aware, Coronavirus is all over the news and we are making sure that we are doing everything we can to keep both our employees and customers safe.

Being part of the logistics industry, we recognise the huge threat that COVID-19 is presenting to the supply chain and are working together with the government to contain the spread. With a number of drivers travelling to a number of destinations, it is more important than ever to follow specific protocols.

We are currently following government guidelines such as:

  • Isolating staff that are unwell and have travelled to affected countries recently; contacting the NHS by calling 111 (or 999 if it is an emergency)
  • Instructing employees who have travelled to affected countries within the last two weeks to self-isolate and call 111 for advice; information on affected countries can be found here.
  • If employees are a carrier of, or have been in contact with COVID-19, they will be advised to isolate themselves and not to work in contact with other people
  • We will not close until it is recommended by the government

In addition to these guidelines, we are also looking into extending working areas in the office, so each employee is more than 2 metres from each other. The ability for office staff to work from home is also currently being looked into.

In regard to our drivers, we have given them sanitised wipes to clean all surfaces of the vehicle. We understand the importance of keeping every surface clean so the virus doesn’t live on there and therefore cannot come into contact with people. This also includes our drivers not using phones for signature capture on deliveries.

Seeing new developments every day, Cross Country Carriers always ensure that our procedures develop too. If you have any questions regarding the impact of Coronavirus on our operations, please contact us today.