Packing your pallet correctly can make the difference between a perfect freight shipment or an unexpected disaster.

To make sure that your pallet is prepared efficiently, and your products are packed safely, here are some tips and tricks you can use:

Choose the Right Pallets


Ensure that you choose a pallet large enough to accommodate all products for the shipment without overhanging. You do not want to inflict any damage to the pallet or your products during transportation.

Quality & Durability

Make sure that you choose a sturdy pallet that does not show any signs of weakness or damage, so you can guarantee that it will support your shipment. If you need to purchase new pallets, it is definitely worthwhile to make the investment.

Stack the Boxes Correctly

Securely Filled & Closed

Protect the contents of your shipment with the correct amount of filler, ensuring there is no space between the product and the packaging. Then, make sure that the packaging is securely closed.

Corner to Corner

By aligning the boxes corner to corner in columns, you can achieve the optimum stacking strength. Avoid the pyramid formation and do not align the corners with the wooden slats of the pallet.

Use Slip Sheets

Placing a slip sheet on the pallet before stacking, and then again every couple of layers of stacking, you can add extra security to your shipment knowing that it is stable.

Weight Distribution

The three don’ts of pallet packing are: don’t overload, don’t overhang, and don’t make it top heavy. Heaviest items should always be placed at the bottom of the stack and instead of trying to fit everything onto one pallet, it is more sensible to split your shipment onto separate pallets to ensure safety. 

Secure the Shipment Correctly

Band and Strap

Use shrink wrap and banding to prevent any unnecessary movement during transportation. Make sure that the shrink wrap goes around the entire pallet base, as well as the packages, so they are completely secure and there is no risk of separation or damage.

At Cross Country Carriers, we follow these tips and tricks in our pallet packing services so our clients can always have peace of mind that their shipment will arrive to its destination safely and without any problems. Contact us today for more information.

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