We are FORS Registered

You may have noticed on our homepage that we have a badge for FORS – This means that we have been granted the accreditation and we are so proud to have met every requirement!

FORS is the Fleet Operator Recognition System which offers fleet operators a scheme to raise and uphold a high level of quality and efficiency regarding their practice, including pallet distribution. By managing your Work Related Road Risk (WRRR), you can guarantee excellent levels of safety and environmental protection that not only gives your company peace of mind, but your customers too.

By meeting the FORS standards criteria and receiving accreditation, our team, our services and our customers are all receiving multiple benefits due to the amount of knowledge we are gaining about the industry. With the ability to access safety specific tools, guides and training courses, every member of staff is able to deliver the optimal work-related road safety. We are also able to take a more environmental approach, applying economic driving to our pallet distribution services.

Keeping up to date with industry news and evolving strategies can aid us in finding potential opportunities to always make our services better for our customers. Their satisfaction is always our priority and ensuring that we deliver the best pallet distribution services is at the forefront of our ethos. With the FORS scheme, it gives us the edge over our competitors as well as the chance to network with other industry professionals.

This is a huge achievement for us and we couldn’t have done it without all of the hard work we received from every team member. We always aim to show our determination and commitment not only through our awards, but also through our customer service too. Find out more about Cross Country Carriers today by contacting us.

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