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Pallet deliveries are needed across all sectors but, unless you work within the haulage and logistic industry, you may not be aware of the different types. One particular delivery type that helps keep your goods safe and delivered as efficiently as possible is Moffett Delivery.

Here, we discuss what a Moffett delivery is and when you may need it.

What is Moffett Delivery?

Moffett delivery, often referred to as Moffett transport, involves the use of specialised Moffett trucks to transport your goods. The trucks come already equipped with a forklift fitted on the back of the vehicle.

How is a Moffett Truck Different to a Normal HGV?

A Moffett truck is a vehicle designed for the seamless transportation of palletised goods.

The built-in forklift, which is mounted at the rear of the truck, is what makes the Moffett truck different. This makes loading and unloading goods much easier than having to rely on the availability on separate forklifts or manual labour. The design also allows for a one-person operation.

When Do You Need a Moffett Delivery?

Understanding when to use a Moffett forklift truck can help your pallet delivery. So, when do you need one? Whilst there are many advantages of Moffett delivery, here are just a few reasons why you might need one:

1.Limited Space Challenges

Moffett trucks excel in tight spaces where traditional forklifts might struggle to manoeuvre. If your delivery destination is constrained by narrow alleys or confined construction sites, Moffett delivery ensures a smooth and efficient process.

2. Time-Sensitive Deliveries

Moffett trucks facilitate quick and efficient operations. This allows us to ensure your palletised items get at their destination on time. Especially if you’re needing a quick turnaround.

4. Solo Operation Requirements

Unlike a regular forklift, Moffett delivery is a one-person show. The integrated forklift system allows the driver to handle the entire process independently, from loading to unloading, minimising the need for additional manpower.

5. Versatility in Product Types

Moffett trucks aren’t limited to specific types of goods. Whether you’re transporting construction materials, retail merchandise, or industrial supplies, Moffett delivery adapts seamlessly to various product types, making it a versatile choice for businesses with diverse shipping needs.

Your Moffett Delivery Partner

If you’re looking for a Moffett Delivery partner, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Cross Country Carriers who would be happy to help and answer any queries you have.

Whether you’re a construction company needing materials on-site or a distributor with tight delivery schedules, Cross Country Carriers has you covered.

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