Flexi Truck have released a revolutionary Smart Stop Sensing System which significantly reduces damage across warehouses and distribution centres. Extensively used across the industry as a reliable safety system, we wanted to explore how it works and the benefits it brings to the logistics industry.

What is the Smart Stop Sensing System?

The Smart Stop Sensing System is fitted to the left and right-sided flanks of the vehicle and connects to the Flexi Truck’s internal system that controls its functionality. The in-aisle sensors detect if the vehicle touches anything while manoeuvring within the aisle and causes the drive, hydraulic and steering functions to lock out, if so. This is especially useful for equipment over 20 metres high to identify any dangerous contact at ground level.

Benefits of Flexi Truck’s Smart Stop Technology

Incidents Are Always Reported

When contact has been made and the Smart Stop Sensing System shuts the vehicle down, the only way to restart it is by reporting the details of the incident. By logging this immediately, problems are identified and dealt with efficiently, plus no incident is ever left unreported.

Long-Term Damage & Dangers Avoided

Following on from the previous point, by reporting every incident this means that awareness of the damage is highlighted and can be repaired straight away. Unknown damage can have long-term effects on equipment, particularly if it goes unnoticed and continues to be repeatedly hit.

Less Impact on Productivity Levels

Repairing small damages straight away will prevent larger reparations in the future which negatively impact productivity levels. By reducing downtime due to large-scale repairs, your operations will continue to run efficiently.

The Future of Technology in the Logistics Industry

This new system has made a huge impact on the industry already and shows exciting promise for things to come. At Cross Country Carriers, we recognise the importance of this new technology not only for productivity levels but also on a health and safety level too.

Rack system failure can be detrimental to logistics teams and cause severe injury if the problem is not fixed immediately. The Smart Stop Sensing System helps reduce this risk of collapse and danger to both employees and stock. We look forward to seeing what other revolutionary technology is introduced in the future. Contact to find out more about Cross Country Carriers today.

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