At Cross Country Carriers, we have served the East Anglian area for many years and are proud to support our local community in any way we can. Most recently, we have been a part of a local fundraiser in Risby, raising money for a free to use outdoor adult gym equipment.

All About the Fundraiser

From the 9th June to the 7th July, the Risby Village Hall led a fundraiser with the Calor Rural Community Fund to raise £7100 for a multi-functional outdoor gym.

The reasoning behind this is to encourage fitness, health and wellbeing for all residents in Risby and the surrounding areas. As a free to use facility that is nearby and accessible to a wide range of people, it would offer the opportunity for people to become fitter, healthier and happier outdoors. 

Integr8 Multi Gym

The outdoor gym chosen for this project has been designed to maximise the concept of ‘fitness for everybody’, no matter people’s ability, age or body size. There are 6 different exercise areas including a double health walker, double slalom skier, sky stepper, horse rider, tai chi discs and an arm bike.

Up to 8 people can exercise together and with 2 wheelchair friendly stations, everyone can benefit from this exercise equipment. Described as the ultimate social integrating exercise experience, users can develop friendships while exercising and getting fit.

Community Coming Together

With a target of £7100 to reach, a number of residents, local businesses and the Risby Parish council came together to pledge and show their support. Amongst other organisations and companies, including Risby Barns and Claas, we pledged money towards the fundraising.

We believe this local fundraiser is such a great cause with good intentions behind it and we would love to see its success bringing people together.

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