After extensive research and trials, Highways England have now announced that they are raising the speed limit through motorway roadworks. First suggested in 2017, the increase from 50mph to 60mph is planned to reveal many benefits to all kinds of traffic on the roads.

Benefits to the Increased Speed Limit

Improved Traffic Flow & Reduced Journey Times

The trials over the last 18 months showed that more drivers stayed within the limit when it was set at 60mph. There were tests undertaken at 8 different sites, 1 of which was through the roadworks between junctions 13 and 16 of the M1. Here, the 24-mile journey was reduced by an average of 68 seconds and overall average time savings ranged from 8-14%.

Driver Frustration Eased & Decreased Tailgating

As mentioned above, more drivers and motorists stayed within the 60mph limit. When it is set to 50mph, it is apparent that many drivers get frustrated and often leads to tailgating. This is so vehicles are forced to pull over and let other drivers passed who aren’t respecting the speed limit. This is dramatically reduced when the limit is 10mph higher.

Maintained Safety for Roadworkers & Travelling Public

Obviously, every driver recognises that roadworks are necessary and essential to upholding efficient roads, but it doesn’t avoid frustration. This is why this research was undertaken, to ensure that the safety of both roadworkers and motorists was maintained at the same time as the speed limit increase. These trials confirmed that this can be achieved.

Is the Speed Limit Being Increased for All Motorway Roadworks?

This new policy is to be rolled out on a case-to-case basis on certain roads, so the answer is no. Ultimately, it will depend on both the road layout and the work being done which will determine whether the speed limit will be increased from 40 or 50mph to 60mph, or remain at 40 or 50mph.

Although not being increased at every set of roadworks, this change will definitely make an impact on everyone’s journeys. Both our customers and our lorries will see the benefits on long haul trips and enjoy a smoother drive.

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