Pallet Freight

Pallet Freight


General Haulage  

Cross Country Carriers General Haulage manages and controls a core fleet for part and full loads. Comprehensive vehicle telematics and tracking allow for the monitoring and control the status of customer consignments at every stage of its journey.

As one of East Anglia’s leading transport operators, the company specialises in moving a wide range of finished goods and raw materials across many industry sectors around the region and throughout the UK.  Its service is backed up by a reputation for consistent delivery and exceeding customer expectations.

• Regular deliveries to all supermarket RDC’s
• Tail lift deliveries on vehicles of all sizes across the fleet
• Deliveries to all major exhibition centres
• Double deck trailers, capable of carrying up to 44 pallets
• Range of vehicles (3.5 tonne – 44 tonne) for all delivery types with vehicle telematics
• A young fleet age, thus improving performance and reducing environmental impact.

3 tractor units together

Cross Country Carriers receives orders direct from its customers using an online portal system for multiple pallet deliveries within the UK.  Deliveries can be planned and loaded onto our fleet to meet customer requirements safely and on time.

General Haulage, which includes mostly ambient taut liner work, accounts for a substantial part of the Cross Country Carriers business.


Customers are ensure an efficient, professional and friendly response. 

Due to its extensive and loyal customer relationships, the company demonstrates a unique ability to deliver true collaboration. This might mean sharing space on a vehicle, combining customers to maximise back-haul or operating a fully integrated road haulage fleet on behalf of multiple customers.  This also means the operation of the fleet in the most eco-friendly way possible.

Whatever collaborative solution is chosen, it allows a significant reduction in overhead, fleet and operating costs whilst ensuring a responsive, agile and flexible working environment.