"The Importance of Packaging in Pallet Distribution and Warehousing"

Packaging is one of the most vital components from every end of the supply chain including effective pallet distribution and warehouse facility management.

Here are some reasons why:

Pallet Distribution

Simply put, the correct packaging leads to better transportation and distribution. By utilising the right packaging, you can ensure that products move seamlessly both coming into the warehouse and transporting out to the end user. Productivity levels are increased, and pallet distribution will be more efficient due to the easy transition from storage to shipping and the steady flow of goods. Transportation costs can also be reduced with the correct packaging due to the constant movement of the warehouse.

Warehouse Management

Beneficial to Labour

As mentioned in the point above, the correct packaging increases productivity levels. By ensuring that your packaging is easy to move, construct, load and offload, whilst offering effective flexibility, you will save both time and money and increase productivity among your team. Inefficient packaging presents more risks to your employees and damage to your warehouse management.

Product Protection

The correct packaging will limit any damage caused to your products and protect them from many environmental risks or hazards in the warehouse, such as: extreme weather, falling from conveyor belts or forklifts. Packaging needs to be both flexible and durable in order for every sized product to be completely protected and secure. By protecting your products with the right packaging, you will not lose any money during inventory or damage your reputation.

Space Management

You can make the most of your warehouse facilities by utilising the correct packaging. One way is by maximising the storage capacity by developing packaging that enables you to store items easily by stacking, on pallets, or otherwise arranged conveniently. This will reduce costs by minimising the space taken up by products, by making them easier to process and by reducing the cost of materials handling.

Important Information

Finally, your choice of packaging can be essential to displaying important information for all stages of transportation. If your products are fragile, they need to be held a certain way, or they need to be stored at a particular temperature range, your packaging can inform your distributors. This will keep your products safe, well looked after and lessen the risk of damage, consequently saving you money.

By outsourcing your pallet distribution services with Cross Country Carriers, you can ensure that the correct packaging and storage is always enforced. Your products are in safe hands with us, so contact us today to see how we can help you.